Testability of VLSI

Lecture 1: Introduction to VLSI Testing

Why Testing is Important?, Requirement of Testing, Verification vs. Testing, ASIC Design Flow, Formal Verification, Formal Equivalence Checking, Formal Property Checking, Two Types of Simulation Exhaustive and Selective, Types of Testing, Characterization (Verification), Production (Testing), Burn-in, Accelerated Life test, Incoming Inspection, Wafer sort or probe, Parametric Tests, Functional Tests, Automatic Test Equipment, Advantest Model T6682 ATE, Shmoo Plot, Test Economics, Fixed Costs (FC), Variable Costs (VC), Total Costs (TC), Average Cost, Average Product, Marginal Product, Economic Efficiency, The Law of Diminishing Returns, Increasing Returns to Scale, Benefit-Cost Analysis, The Rule of Ten, Yield, Defects versus faults, Defect per Million (DPM), System DPM, Defect Level (DL), Models to Predict DPM, Brown & Williams (IBM, 1981), Binomial distribution, Agarwal Model, Poisson distribution.

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