Advanced VLSI Design

Lecture 9: Arithmetic Circuits: Part-1 2022-23

CMOS 28T Adder, CMOS 28T Mirror Adder, Full Adder, Multiplexer based FA, CMOS XOR and XNOR, Transmission Gate XOR, Transmission Gate Full adder, Ripple Carry Adder, Carry Bypass or Carry Skip Adder, Carry Ripple versus Carry Bypass, Carry  Increment  Adder, Carry Look-Ahead Adder, 1-bit CLA, 8 Bit Full Adder Carry Look-Ahead , 16 Bit Full Adder Carry Carry Look-Ahead, 32 Bit Full Adder Carty Look-Ahead, Manchester Carry Chain,Linear Carry-Select Adder, Square Root Carry-Select Adder, Adder Delays - Comparison, Carry Save Adder, Serial Adder, Parallel Prefix Adder, Kogge–Stone, 8-bit Brent–Kung adder.

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