Advanced VLSI Design

Lecture 9: Logic Families Other than CMOS

CMOS Differential Logic, Cascode Voltage Switch Logic (CVSL), Dynamic CVSL, Dynamic CVSL with Charge Keepers, Differential current switch logic, Dynamic threshold voltage MOSFET (DTMOS), Dual Vt CMOS logic circuit, Gate Diffusion Input(GDI), BiCMOS, BiCMOS Inverter with base pull-down transistor, BiCMOS NAND, BiCMOS NOR, Full-Rail BiCMOS with Resistive Shunts, Full-Rail BiCMOS with Active Shunts, Full-Rail BiCMOS with Paralleled CMOS Inverter, GaAs Direct-Coupled FET Logic, Adiabatic Logic, Adiabatic Logic vs. Static CMOS.

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