VLSI Architecture

Lecture 4: Instruction Set Architecture and MIPS Instructions

Instruction Set Architecture, ISA Types, Arithmetic Operation: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and square root Logic Operation: Bitwise logical AND, OR, XOR, and NOT Shift Operation: Logical shift left, Logical shift right, Arithmetic shift right, rotate shift, and rotate shift with carry. Memory Access: Load, Store Input/Output Access: In, Out, Control Transfer: Jumps, Returns, Call subroutines, Floating-Point Calculation: ldf, addf, System Control: Interrupts Stack Architecture, Accumulator Architecture, Register–Memory Architecture, Register–Register Architecture, MIPS Instructions. andi/ori/xori rt,rs,immediate , lui rt, immediate , lw rt, offset(rs) , sw rt, offset(rs) , beq rs, rt, label , bne rs, rt, label , j target , jal target , jr rs , MIPS assembler .

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