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Lesson 8: 8086 Instructions Set : Part-2

Data Transfer Instructions, Segment Override, Input / Output, IN and OUT, Isolated versus Memory-Mapped I/O, LEA, LDS, Address Object data transfer, LEA : Load effective address, LDS : Load pointer using DS, LES : Load pointer using ES, LFS : Load pointer using FS, LGS : Load pointer using GS, LSS : Load pointer using SS, Accessing array in data segment, Accessing array in extra segment, Flag Register Data transfer, LAHF : Load AH register from flags, SAHF : Store AH register in flags, PUSHF : Push flags onto stack, POPF : Pops flags off stack, Control Flags, Directional Flag (D), Interrupt Flag (I), Trap Flag (T), Additional Data Transfer Instructions (X386 onwards), MOVSX DST, SRC, MOVZX DST, SRC, BSWAP REG 32.

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