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Lecture 7 : 8086 Instructions Set : Part-1

8086 Data Transfer Instructions, MOV, PUSH, POP, XCHG, XLAT, Instructions with two operands, Instructions with one operand, Instructions without any operand, Types of Instructions, MOV destination, source, XCHG destination, source, XLAT, PUSH source, POP destination. IN Reg, Port address, OUT Port address, Reg, LEA 16 bit register, memory. LDS 16 bit register, memory, LES 16 bit register, memory, LAHF, SAHF, PUSHF, POPF, General Purpose Data Transfer (MOV, XCHG, XLAT, PUSH, POP), Input / Output Data Transfer, (IN, OUT) Address Object Data Transfer (LEA, LDS, LES), Flag Transfer Data Transfer, (LAHF, SAHF, PUSHF, POPF), MOV DST, SRC, XCHG Instructions, XLAT, PUSH, Directives BYTE PTR, WORD PTR, DWORD PTR, POP, PUSHF, POPF.

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