Electrical Science

Transformer Theory and Operation

Ideal Transformer, Lentz's Law, Principle of operation of Transformer, Voltage relationship for Ideal transformer, Voltage ratio equals the turns ratio, Apparent Power balance, Voltage Ratio, Current Ratio, Impedances Reflected Through Ideal Transformers, Load impedance as seen from the primary side of the transformer, Solved Examples, Practical Transformers, Active power losses, Hysteresis losses, Eddy currents, Active power loss Control, Control hysteresis losses - use alloy steels designed for magnetic circuits Control eddy current losses - laminate core, insulating laminates, Shell type Transformers, Core type Transformers, exciting current, magnetizing component, Transformer Voltage Regulation, Regulation up, Regulation down, Transformer efficiency, Copper I2R losses, Hysteresis losses, Eddy current losses.

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